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Customer confirms either by email or fax the purchases order, and one of our managers will send the proforma invoice for final confirmation, where all the details to be checked (as price, quantities, terms of delivery).

Proforma is valid 3 days, in case is not paid within 3 days, we have the right to cancel the order. Domestoc customers have different order procedures.

After the proforma invoice is paid in full, customer can collect the order from our warehouse in Riga, unless is agreed other terms of shipment, then we send with our mode of transportation.

All colletion and loading from our warehouse has to be notificed at leats 24 hours in advance. We may load as well other trucks but they may need to wait much longer, if there were no booking in advance.



With reference to the laws of the Republic of Latvia and the recommendations of the tax authorities, we have introduced a counterparty risk analysis system Know Your Client.

To start cooperation with CCF Baltija, it is necessary to receive the following documents

- Company registration documents and proof of VAT registration.

- Copy of ID card or passport of the Board Member. In the context of the protection of personal data, please cover all sensitive personal data such as passport number, date of birth, ID number, nationality, gender, etc. We inform you that a copy of the passport is required to determine the photograph, signature and nationality of the responsible person. You can hand write on scan of your document CONFIDENTIAL, ONLY FOR CCF BALTIJA USE, DATE/

- A carefully and fully completed Know Your Client (KYC) form. All fields in the form must be filled in. A form can be signed by the person with authorised signature rights (director, Member of the board)

In-depth research of counterparties is carried out in the following cases

- The company is new and it has started to do business recently.

- The Board Member of the company has taken office recently.

- The Board Member of the company is a non-resident and does not hold a residence permit.

- The company does not have its own office or place of trade.

- The company has one employee.

- The company does not have its own website and its own domain, nor does it have activity on social media.

- The company is not known on the market and the amount of public information about it is minimal.


We sell all our products by default on prepayment terms. Domestic customers may discuss other payment terms, if they have  sufficient credit limit.

All payments to be done only to our bank CITADELE Banka (PARXLV22) in EUR. In case the customer wish to pay in another currency, USD or GBP etc, we check the exact bank rate on moment of funds clearance into our account.



We sell most of our goods from our stock from our central warehouse in Riga, or in case we agree on products what we are ordering specially for particular client, then deposit 20% MUST be paid on moment of order confirmation.

In case deposit is not paid, then we dont guarantee the supply of goods.



We sell by default on condition FCA Riga. Though, we can agree that we organize the transportation and delivery to our customers on agreed transport rate, what we provide in advance and confirm with client.

We have very attractive transport rates all arround the Europe, and world. We can oranize easy dleivery 2-5 pallets or 10 – 15 , or full truck loads to any EU destination with goods and reliable international transport firms.



We can organize the insurance on request for our customers, normal rate is 0,3% from Invoice amount, minimal premium is 130 EUR !



We provide always before hand the fotos of the products on request.

We can place the stickers in different language annotation on products at additional charge, which is agreed with the responsible manager.

Where the goods are stored and loading procedures

We keep our goods at our central warehouse in Riga. Goods can be checked in advance by customer or representative, as well as, loading and stuffing can be inspected by representative of customer. They need to inform in advance about that.



You may ask our sales specialists for latest sales offer. Please, contac us by telephone direct to our sales manager, or to our central line, or by email info@ccfbaltija.com



We ask you to adhere to the following principles

- CCF Baltija keeps track to ensure that the representative of the partner, a specific individual, is clearly identifiable at the time of the transaction.

- Email correspondence must reveal the person that has drafted the message.

- The company does not deliver goods to third countries without justification.

-  CCF Baltija does not supply goods to recipients who do not have direct link with the company.

- CCF Baltija wants to ensure that all transactions are properly and timely registered with tax administrations.

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